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Representative 277.5% APR
Representative Example: Borrow £700 and pay £111.27 per month for 12 months at an interest rate of 140% per annum (fixed). The total charge for credit is £635.24 The total amount repayable is £1335.24. Representative 277.5% APR (variable). Your APR rate will be based on your circumstances
Non-payment could have a negative impact on your credit rating and have increased charges and interest rates.

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Desperate Loans for Fast Cash

Desperate loans are available through Knight Finance from £100 to £5,000, repaid over 3 to 24 months. You can apply online through our website and receive an instant decision on the screen. If successful, funds will be transferred to your bank account within 1 hour or on the same day of applying. Simply click on ‘apply now’ to get started.

Why Might You Need a Loan Desperately?

Desperate loans are common for people who need a little extra cash to see them through a particular emergency or pressing bill, including:

  • Paying off household bills
  • Paying rent
  • Car repairs
  • Paying to fix broken boilers or plumbing
  • To help a family member or friend
  • Pay for an emergency

Although we try very hard to save money every month, we can never be sure when an accident will happen and when we will feel financially squeezed. Having a small injection of finance can help overcome your emergency and get us back on our feet. Plus, Knight Finance provides long term loans, so you to pay off over several months, giving you some much needed breathing space.

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What Can You Do If You Desperately Need a Loan Today?

If you need a loan desperately today, you can apply for a loan online with Knight Finance. Upon completing our application in less than 5 minutes, we will run instant checks so that you can get an instant decision. Subject to status, your loan can be transferred to your bank account within minutes or usually the same day.

Knight Finance offer unsecured loans, which means that you do not need to put down anything as collateral or security and your eligibility is based on your income and credit score. So if you need a desperate loan, your application should be processed much quicker because you are not transferring any deeds over or getting any security valued. The checks we carry out to confirm your eligibility are instant, so you will receive a decision on the screen with the best offer according to your criteria and loan requirements.

What If I am Desperate for a Loan with Bad Credit?

If you are looking for a desperate loan with bad credit, we will take a view on bad credit histories, defaults and previously missed repayments. To improve your chances of being approved for a loan, it helps if you are employed and have a regular income, since this will give us confidence that you have access to funds to repay your loan each month.

If you have very poor credit, we may recommend you to other partners that we work with, that offer guarantor loans and secured loans and whilst this might take a little longer to verify, you can still receive funds within a matter of days.

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How Soon Can I Receive My Loan?

Our loans can be transferred within 15 minutes or sooner using BACS payments. There may be some added checks during your loan application which might make the application a little longer. This could include verifying your employing using a pay-slip or bank statement. However, we aim to serve customers with funds on the same day of applying or as quickly as possible.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Speed Up the Process?

If you need a desperate loan, you can try speed up the process by having all your information ready to input when you apply for a loan online. This includes:

  • The amount you would like to borrow
  • How long you have been at your address
  • How long you have been employed by your current employer
  • Your monthly income
  • Your monthly expenses

By having this information on hand, you can complete the application form quicker and get one step closer to the loan you need.

In addition, stay close to your computer and phone, so that when you get a response, you can respond quickly. This could involve electronically signing the loan agreement, speaking to the lender or answering any follow up questions. Having a copy of your payslip or bank statement online could be useful, since you might be required to send this as proof of income.

Also, try applying during office hours, which is usually Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, and whilst we do operate on weekends, evenings and bank holidays, this could take longer and you may have to wait until the next working day for funds.

We understand that sometimes people need money in hurry. That’s why the lenders on our network are in a position to offer loans very quickly, sometimes within the hour, often on the same day. It’s why the Knight Finance website is so popular.
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How Can I Apply for a Desperate Loan with Knight Finance?

Get started with a desperate loan with Knight by clicking on ‘apply now.’ You can complete our online application in just a few minutes and if successful, you can receive funds today. We work with a number of payday loans direct lenders only, that are fully authorised by the FCA. Our loans software can successfully match you to the lender who is most likely to approve your loan and provide you with the funds as quickly as possible.